About Us

We at the Awesome Spaders League (which will be referred to as ASL) would like to welcome you to our league. We are a ladder league affiliated with Case's Ladder and host team Spades formats. We are here to provide you with a fun, friendly and a competitive room where you can come in and play without the fear of being offended both at the tables and in the lobby.

Our team of Administrators have but one function, that is to ensure you have a room where good sportsmanship, honesty and treating you with respect are mandatory. We will work to bring fairness and consistency in every situation. We will vigilantly ensure our lobby is a clean family oriented chat room where regardless of age you will not have to worry about what is being said.

We understand, acknowledge, and accept that this league is nothing without its members. We are a social league whereby registering as a member indicates your commitment to these ideals and standards of fair play and sportsmanship as defined within our leagues rules.

Most of the games played in ASL are regular, no double nil, although we do allow, and encourage, our members to play any alternative match format mentioned within these rules. Once the match has been properly advertised in the lobby and the game starts it is considered a recognized ASL match game.

We encourage our members to get involved, ask questions, and provide constructive criticism or offer new ideas or ways of doing things in order to sustain a dynamic league. For this reason we reserve the rights to change these rules at anytime without notice.

We welcome you to our family of players and friends, whether you are new to league play or a veteran of other leagues.

Thank You for considering ASL and we hope your stay is an enjoyable one.

Admin Team ASL