ASL tournament Rules

All tournament rules are subject to change without notice by the Main HTD only.  All changes will be placed here for your convience.
All changes will be given to your tournament directors and they will have the option of listing them in their table rules.  This is an option.  It would be best to check or ask if there have been any updates to changes made.

It is to be understood that while playing in a tournament competition, all tournament rules supersedes both ASL's League Rules and Safe Harbor's Code of Conduct Rules.  To read Safe Harbors Code of Conduct Rules, go to


Your Host at all times will resolve any issues during their Tournament and their resolve is final.  Once a TD makes a decision, that decision is final.

If there is a complaint from a table with regards to table chat you must message the host so they can go to your table and resolve the problem.  If there is a case and the complaint is valid, then you will be asked to stop.  If you do not stop the game will be a forfeited by the team that caused the problem.

Table Talk

Table talk will not be allowed.  If you chat at the table, be aware anything you say may be misinterpreted by the opps as table talk if it could affect the outcome of the trick/hand/game.  Things that are considered table talk are: Notifying your partner of your nil by being the first to say GLP, your partner must initiate the chat by saying GLP first (you cannot bring attention to your nil bid), or by saying cover me p, TRAM (the rest are mine), I am nil, you cannot bring any attention to the bags indicating game play during a hand. Table Talk is considered cheating and if determined by the TD to be table talk, there will be a DQ of that game.

In all instances of perceived table talk, table talk must be mentioned and a forfeit requested in the table chat at the time of occurrence, and there must be absolute proof of the same.   The accused team may forfeit at that time with no further penalty.  If the accused team refuses to forfeit, call the tournament director to the table and resolve the problem then and there.


Your host has the choice of which format they would like to have in their tournament.  Please click on this link to see which formats are used,  In the event of a special tournament, that being a; In honor of a birthday or a holiday, your HTD has the right to allow any format played in ASL.

In every tournament listed, it will have in its Rule section what the format is in detail: Ex: FORMAT: ~~8 Hands Elimination with Full Finals~~ REG NDN **, a brief description of all the tournament rules along with a link to the main rules page.

It is the table hosts responsibility to set all the values as specified within the tournaments rule page.

Game settings will be determined by host.


At no time are bots allowed to be used in tournaments or regular play.


At beginning of game, if a player misbids or misplays on the first hand of the first round only, then there is a reseat.

If a player misbids or misplays in any other hand, that player has the option to RENEG. The score will be deducted and the game will continue.


All Tournament Directors have the right to open registration as soon as they like but must be there at least 30 minutes prior the Tournaments Start time.

If a player registers early they are responsible to play in the tournament. Failure to play will mean your partner will have five (5) minutes to find a sub that is not playing in the tournament at that time. If a sub is not found within the limit then the team short a player must forfeit the game. The five (5) minutes will start when the standings are posted.

All tournaments will start on time, with a maximum grace period of five (5) minutes allowed to our start time. A player who registers at the start time of the tournament must have a partner. Otherwise the tournament will be delayed unnecessarily.

Once a team is formed and filled it will be recognized as a full team.

During match, a sub (not in tournament at that time) will be allowed to fill a team. You will be given a 5 minute grace period. If you cannot fill your team within the allotted time, you will forfeit your game.


Top bracket chooses Table and seats in ALL ELIMINATION GAMES.

In the Final Game, the top bracket team will pick the table and the lower bracket will choose the seats.

Players have five (5) minutes to get to the announced tables once each round is started.

If a player does not report to the table, a sub may be used.  If one cannot be found, the game will be considered a forfeit.


Kibitzing is allowed at the tables and you are allowed to show kibitzers your cards. You can also choose to not show your cards. This rule is each individual's choice.

Kibitzers allowed at the tables: we ask you to keep talk limited to things such as: "Hello, glu4" so you will not disturb the game in play.

Chatter is allowed by kibitzers providing all players allow it.  If asked not to chat on the table, you must respect the request and remain quiet for the duration.  If they do not, you must contact your tournament host and they will ask that the kibitzer to stop there chat.  If they continue, it may lead to a temporary or permanent ban from all tc's.


Hardware configuration and reliability is the player's responsibility.  If a match is being severely delayed due to a player's bad connection or computer problems, the Tournament Staff reserves the right to disqualify that player.  Be sure to test out all of your hardware equipment before the tournament so that you are ready to compete on time.


When a player is booted from the table, there will be a five (5) minute grace period for the player to return.  Post on table the time when any player takes a BRB or boots so the total amount of time taken can be counted. Any one player is allowed up to but not to exceed ten (10) minutes in all for any one game for boots and brb's.  If a team mate is not available then anyone not in the tournament at that time may join the team and complete the tournament.

If a sub is used and the original partner returns, they may re-enter the game providing not more than 2 full hands have been completed; after which the sub must remain in play. At the start of your next game, the original team member can return, if the sub player boots for a second time and is not back within the allowed ten (10) minutes. That person will be recognized as holding up the tc and will not be allowed to continue. If the same person is back within the allowed amount of time and boots for a third time, they will not be allowed to continue. A teamie or sub will take their place in the tc. Ten (10) minutes total time, for all boots and BRB's, are allowed in one tourney.

BRB's cannot exceed five (5) minutes.  If you think your BRB will take longer, you must post this at the table, or find a sub.  If you take longer than the total ten (10) minutes allowed for boots and brb's combined, you will no longer be able to continue in the tournament and no further action will be taken.

It is understood emergencies do happen we just ask that you please do not abuse this privilege.


It will be the responsibility of the winning team to go to the host's table and report the match.

If you have any suggestions concerning these rules please use our suggestion box.  

Case's Ladder & ASL exist to provide users a competitive gaming atmosphere as well as a friendly online community.  All players are expected to carry themselves as professionals and hold all other members in this community with the utmost respect.  When competing in tournaments, refrain from using any offensive language or behavior.  Always give Ladder Staff Members the benefit of the doubt and know that their decisions and rulings are not open for debate.  In general, and most important of all, be honest and fair in all that you do and have fun while doing so.

We can't cover every aspect of gaming in our rules.  We have tried to be as thorough as possible and cover all the basics but, just because something is not listed doesn't mean that it is allowed.  Use common sense.  If it is something that will adversely effect other teams and you might think twice about doing, it's probably against the rules.  Our TD HOSTS have the final say.

ASL Head Tournament Director